Let’s Talk About Office Bullying

In this article, we will talk about workplace bullying. We will discuss the possible causes of this issue in the office. We will also look at some examples on the types of bullies. In addition to that, we will talk about possible solutions to help put an end to this problem.

Workplace bullying is any repeated behavior that adds unnecessary stress to your life in the office. It is usually in the form of aggression and other unwarranted behavior that drains your confidence. Many people think that bullying only happens among school-aged children. But here’s the thing. Sometimes, an office is not far different from a school classroom or abuse at work. There are many insecure bullies who think intimidation makes them far more superior than anyone else. It can really get in the way of your career progression. But I guess as long as you work with human beings, you can’t really avoid crossing paths with people who have questionable values.

Bullies exist because of insecurities, poor thinking, and a lack of self-awareness. Some workplace bullies were actually the targets of bullying back when they were young.  I guess somehow, they feel like they’re carrying out some sort of revenge for themselves when they coerce other people in the office. They use the power that they have now to belittle others and treat them with contempt. Bullies also target the ones that they see as competition, especially if those people are particularly less experienced than they are. Because they don’t want those people to excel, they do whatever it takes to pull them down and stop their growth. The bullies want to get ahead, so they use aggression and other dirty tactics to take down their competition.

The most common example of a workplace bully is perhaps the aggressive ones. They always find a way to embarrass you in front of everyone. They always have something negative to say about you. You see, their attacks are personal. Even if you’re not doing anything wrong at work, they will always come up with destructive criticisms. In other words, they will always make an effort to bring you down. This is common among coworkers of the same level or designation. Another common type of bully is the micromanaging supervisor. This kind of bully likes power-tripping and treats subordinates like slaves. They will use their power and influence to manipulate you and even to stop you from gaining power. They are probably threatened by your talent, and that’s why they will try hard to stop you from getting promotions. They might even try to make things difficult for you to make you give up and quit.

You can find different ways to resolve this issue depending on your current situation. If it’s not yet that serious, then maybe you can ignore it and stay professional. Some bullies usually stop when they see that you’re not reacting to their actions. However, if it’s more serious, then it could be time to take it up to the management.

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