Dealing With People Who Don’t Like You

In today’s article, I’m gonna talk about how to deal with coworkers who don’t like you.
Now this is interesting, and I’m sure you’ve experienced it in some way.
You see, it’s just inevitable, it’s a natural thing, as long as you work with people, there will always be someone who won’t like you.
That’s just how humans are. We have this natural tendency to dislike some people.
And, we tend to like the ones who are like us in some way.
So anyway, usually, it’s very easy to tell when a coworker doesn’t like you.
They try to avoid working with you. Or they work with you but ignore you outside the office.
Sometimes, it gets worse. Like taking credit for something you did.
And, like what I talked about in my other article, these coworkers who just don’t like you, they can be passive aggressive.
So, how do you deal with it?
First, here’s what you can do,
Look at how it’s affecting you.
If it’s getting in the way of work, if it’s making you unproductive,
Then that’s when you need to do something about it.
Otherwise, you don’t have to deal with it.
And here’s another thing to remember, don’t engage.
Sometimes, you’d just want say something back. Of course, you’d want to defend yourself.
But usually, this is gonna do you more harm than good.
I remember, there was this quote by Mark Twain, something about, you shouldn’t argue with a fool ‘cause you’ll also look like a fool.
By the way, look at this post of LIG review on how he overcome his failure.
Now let’s continue.
So, for example you’re in a meeting and someone gets too personal, here’s what you can do,
You might have a really good comeback in mind. But don’t go there.
Instead, go back to the real topic, go back to discussing work.
So anyway, here’s another thing you can do,
Ask for feedback. Ask someone you trust. Like your manager, or your mentor.
You see, when someone doesn’t like you, the first thing you’d think is that there’s something wrong with them. Or that they just hate your guts for no reason.
But looking at yourself also helps. That’s why you can consider asking for feedback.
Maybe you just don’t notice it. You don’t notice that you have this habit of cutting people off when they’re talking.
Or maybe you’re always late for work. And that’s why people think you’re unreliable.
It could also be because of cultural differences.
You see, being straightforward is usually good, but in some cultures it’s a big no-no at work.
If that’s the case, you can use that feedback to work on yourself.
You can adjust your working style if cultural difference is the issue.
Okay, so but what if it’s not a cultural error, what if you don’t have those weird habits?
Hmm…the simple answer is this, you don’t need to do anything about it.
Like I said earlier, people have this natural tendency to dislike other people.
You don’t get to change it, you only get to control what you’re gonna do about it.
It’s simple, you can accept that you just can’t please everyone. And you don’t need to.
So, instead, what you can do is this,
Focus on your credibility.
It’s the thing that’s gonna advance your career.
You see, it’s nice to be liked by people, it really is.
But that’s not what’s gonna give you opportunities.
Sure, it can be easier to get a promotion if you’re liked by everyone. But it can change.
When you focus on building your credibility,
Your managers, your coworkers, they can’t deny your potential. Even if they don’t like you.
It’s also gonna prevent other coworkers from stealing credit.
You see, it’s good to have friends at work.
But at the end of the day, if you want career success,
What’s gonna matter is your contributions. Visible contributions.
Alright then, I hope you found this article helpful.

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